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There are 132.000 fuel stations in the EU that must regularly inspect their ageing underground storage tanks to abide by strict regulations and avoid leaks and failures that can have catastrophic consequences. Currently, inspections are performed in regular intervals using portable systems operated by specialised inspectors, a method that is costly and unreliable as it is prone to human error. This project will develop an autonomous end-to-end solution for structural health monitoring of underground storage tanks that has the potential to revolutionise the sector. MoniTank combines acoustic emission and technologies, risk-based inspection techniques, and advanced signal processing and data acquisition systems in a single bespoke system enabling an Internet-of-Things approach. It will be able to provide continuous monitoring and will use intelligent algorithms to predict potential structural failures able to identify with 99% accuracy structural integrity threats before they evolve to problems or lead to ruptures and failures.


The development and commercialisation of a continuous sensor-based condition monitoring system capable of transmitting condition of underground storage tanks online and to defect-recognition software making it possible remote inspection of underground storage tanks without the need of decommissioning or downtime monitoring activity.


Automatic and continuous condition monitoring system based on acoustic emission and guided waves for structural health assessment and integrated with digital technology of Internet of things gateways, cloud based data collection and storage, wireless sensor network and innovative risk based inspection algorithm and software for informed decision and preventive maintenance of underground storage tanks.

Phase 1

Scaling up MoniTank to commercial version

Phase 2

Product demonstration, finalisation & certification

Phase 3

Packaging, manufacturing, and supply chain

Phase 4

Sales, Marketing and distribution network

Phase 5

MoniTank Commercialisation

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H2020 Fast Track to Innovation Pilot

The Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) pilot (2015-2016) is a fully-bottom-up measure in Horizon 2020 to promote close-to-the-market innovation activities, and open to all types of participants. It provides funding for innovation activities in any area of technology or application. This thematic openness – combined with the possibility for all kinds of innovation actors to work together and deliver innovation onto the market and/or into society – should nurture trans-disciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation. The aim is to: (i) reduce time from idea to market, (ii) stimulate the participation of first-time applicants to EU research and innovation funding, and (iii) increase private sector investment in research and innovation.

MoniTank is in line with FTI aims as it proposes the development to commercialisation of a high impact product based on a combination of highly innovative technologies. This product will be delivered to the market by the end of the two year project, significantly reducing time to market, while enabling the SMEs involved to invest in the commercialisation of this solution by offsetting the inherent risks involved in the development of highly innovative products.

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H2020 - FTI

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 - research and Innovation programme under the grant agreement No. 760528

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